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It has been half a year since I made my presence on my blog. I have been away from home for a couple of months early this year. Made the decision to get back to the flying industry, I was in Japan for training during the whole of the winter season this year. And since then, I have been jet-setting for a couple of months now.

Living in Japan for a while was interesting for me. Besides the difference in culture, surprisingly hard to get less-carb food choices, and the endless shopping temptations, trying to keep fit without a gym (none in where I put up at) was challenging. I had, for the first time, ran in the cold bitter winter. Rocking bodyweight workouts in the hotel room with limited space was hilariously difficult. I did all that for 3 months.

Has the new job taken a toll on my health? Definitely. I fly more than I wish I do now. With my usual schedule, I am usually away for a week and back for just a couple of days. Despite all the night flights, irregular meal times, missed sleep, jet-lag fights, I make it a point to still eat relatively well, and exercise hard. Though unlikely to do daily workouts now, I try to have at least 3-4 sessions a week at its very least.

As for the new resolution to get my life back on track, I will be sharing my fitness routines, as well as occasional beauty and health tips and together, let’s embark on a get-to-the-fittest journey of our lives! Make this the best year to make the biggest change in our lives! (Keep a bookmark tabbed or sign up for our updates)

Love Betsy

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    nice pictures!

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