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Self Love

It all begins with Self-Love. Be it beauty, health or fitness. You need to love yourself enough to work on looking more beautiful, being healthier and getting fitter.

Celebrate Invidivuality and Don’t Compare

Be yourself. You are beautiful the way you are because there will not be another person just like you. Our standards of beauty are often defined by popularity but we don’t need to be the most popular person to shine through. We all have our unique set of qualities, talents and gifts. We don’t need validation from others to be confident of who we are.

Spread Love and Be Kind

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. Love makes you a gentler person, kindness makes you a more approachable friend. Be the one who wishes for the best for another person. Your kindness and compassion means you think of things outside of yourself and place other’s needs ahead of yours. Your awareness expands, and your purpose in life becomes clearer. 

Remove Negativity and Learn to Let Go

There will always be people who do not agree and fight you. These people who always want to win will never get their way if you do not let the negativity put you down. Let go of those who has harmed you, those who have abused you, those who have cheated and lied to you. Their guilt will eventually get to them and they will never be happy. 

Be Grateful and Appreciate all Good

Be grateful for the things we own, and the people we have around us. Our pursuit of material wealth makes us want to own more, to have more and more things, forgetting that we should be thankful for items we so yearned to have and purchased years back. Similarly our expectations of people grow as we spend more time with them. We want them to be good, to be better, and to be the best for us. In turn, we overlook on the smallest kind gestures that people put out to us. We start to take the kind words and actions for granted. It’s these things that need to be reminded, that we should be grateful and contented. 

Slow Down Life and Live in the Moment

Everyone lives by a schedule these days. We rush around for meetings and work deadlines, and often, we set goals for ourselves that makes everything more stressful for us. There are so many wonderful things happening around us all the time, that when we actually stop to marvel in its wonder, then we see the true beauty of it. It’s hard to do so when we are constantly immersed in our thoughts and problems. 

Set New Goals

Setting new goals help us to stay focus and motivated, and although we don’t necessary like a busy schedule, it is important to have some structure towards what we wish to achieve in life. Goals allow us to learn more, and determine what we want in life. But be wise in your goals setting, make sure it is not something that drives you into more stress that’s beyond your ability to manage.

Set your Goals to Achieve Health, Fitness and Beauty

So, why do I blog about these subjects on my page?

Health is what gives me the ability to do more of the things I enjoy doing. Without health, it gets to a point when doing everything can be uncomfortable because our body is sick. 

Exercising is what makes me happy. Our body is designed to move, and city-living is making us all sit for way too long. Every system in your body functions better with movement, and when organs ain’t gliding and systems ain’t flowing, that is where we lose our Health. Fitness plays a bit part in our health so we have to build towards a fit lifestyle in order to stay healthy.

Looking good naturally will mean your health is at its optimal level.  Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it truly reflects the state of our health inside. Work on maintaining a healthy au natural state, and be confident in the body we are born in. Love ourselves for what we are given, and work towards improving who we are. Thats Self-Love. 

In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shape you.


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