— thebarebeauty

Hi! I’m Betsy –  full time Pilates instructor, personal trainer and co-founder of Off Duty Pilates in Singapore. I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than 5 years, and each day I learn more as an instructor working with people, and as person growing (or rather, aging) in this world.

As I approach 40 next year, I ain’t spared when it comes to increased signs of aging, health ‘feeling different’, decreased performance etc. Taking care of ourselves require effort, and knowledge, and staying in tuned with ourselves on a deeper than usual level.

On The Bare Beauty :

I came up with TheBareBeauty more than 10 years ago after I left Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant. After years of flying, my health deteriorated and skin wasn’t in a good condition from years of piling on heavy makeup. Hence, I started ‘detoxing’ by going through a period of eating healthy, using less artificial products, and going makeup-free.  That changed my well-being. And I started sharing about how I use natural products instead of high-end expensive skincare items. Unfortunately, I wind up the website 3-4 years later when I had a decent following due to personal reasons, and subsequently I lost all of its archived content.

On Beauty :

Being very passionate about skincare and anti-aging techniques, I continually research and update myself with some of the best regimes for maintaining healthy natural good skin. I always believe in ‘less is more’. During the years of my skin ‘reset’, I was using all natural food recipes in replacement of facials, and using very cheap skincare products from even Daiso! ($2 for my toner and peeling gels). My skin was in the best state ever during that time. Today, as I age, I still believe in keeping my skincare routine simple and fuss free although I have the help of anti-aging power ingredients to help. I would love to share as much as I can with my ideas on skin maintenance and hopefully help some of you find answers to good skin.

On Health : 

Approaching 40 brings upon some changes in a woman’s body, and I can surely attest to that. A myriad of issues like gastro-intestinal problems, acid reflux, energy decrease due to GI problems are just some of the changes I felt in my body. Being mindful and aware of our health on a heightened level helps us to overcome issues and keep our body young. As I read and learn on understanding and maintaining our health better, I will share these tips with you my readers, hoping we can all stay healthy to enjoy the things that we would love to continue doing.

On Fitness :

As a Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer, I see many fit athletes not unleashing the true power of their bodies. Many may understand movement, understand exercises, but there is a missing link to how this translate to body wellness and overall improvement of health. I will constantly share new  ideas and knowledge so we learn how to work smart, and not just hard. Our body needs a balance, and we need to understand what is ideal and what is potentially detrimental to our overall health and fitness.

Being physically active gives me the energy and motivation to read and acquire knowledge to help achieve a well-balanced lifestyle. I learn, and therefore I am committed to share this knowledge with all women out there, who are interested to read and acquire new tips on an overall improved life, better health and improved appearance. So, lets embark on a journey to better health, and fitter and stronger together!

This is to all the women out there who loves themselves truly. 

Disclaimer : Information found on this blog are purely my views, my experiments, and knowledge from my learning journey. Please try with discretion. Remember, always test and maintain it at a level that is comfortable to you.